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At Income Building Solutions (IBS), we empower people to succeed online by helping them to focus on 4 foundational principles:

  • Think Big – “Big thinking proceeds great achievement.”
  • Start Small – “Focus, focus, focus…Build a strong foundation for success.”
  • Leverage Efforts – “Utilize the right tools and resources to scale your income.”
  • Grow Profitably –  “Build on profitable activities while eliminating unprofitable ones.” 

If you are struggling to make money online, we will show you our strategy for dominating keywords with video marketing.  Don’t believe us?  Search for the keywords below in Google and then select “videos” and check for yourself.

As of 9/11/14, here are a few examples of our videos that rank on the first page:

As the list above shows, we rank on the 1st page for several very competitive keywords.  We provided the list so that you can search Google and verify that our systematic method works.  If you would like to learn the approach we use to consistently rank our videos and make money on auto-pilot, join our team.


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